Cogeco Fund

The Cogeco Fund at a glance

The Cogeco Fund is a Canadian non-profit corporation with the mission of supporting the development, dissemination and promotion of culture and the arts, education programs, healthcare programs and select community and initiatives, by way of donations, financial aid or otherwise , using proceeds from its capital funds.

On January 1, 2018, the Cogeco Program Development Fund (CPDF), the Independent Production Fund (IPF) and Cogeco Communications Inc. (“Cogeco”) entered into an agreement with a view to ensuring the sustainability of the CPDF’s Canadian television production funding activities. The agreement provides for the transfer of all the existing program funding activities and commitments of the CPDF to the IPF and the redirection of the totality of the annual contribution of Cogeco for independent production funds to the IPF. This transfer ensures that Canadian television program producers will still be able to apply for dramatic television series program funding in 2018 and thereafter from the proceeds of Cogeco Communications’ annual financial contribution directly through the IPF offices in Toronto and Montreal and under the sole responsibility and guidance of the IPF, its Board of Directors and its staff.

The Cogeco Fund's board of directors

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    Julie Latreille


    Julie Latreille

    Julie Latreille joined Cogeco in April 2022 in the role of Vice President, Treasurer. Her 20 years working in treasury has given her a vast experience in negotiation, financing, cash management, pension funds and financial risk management. She has held several treasury positions at CAE and Groupe Laperrière Verreault (GLV) and more recently held the role of Treasurer at BRP. 

    Julie holds a Master's degree in finance from the University of Sherbrooke and is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

Explore some of the Cogeco Fund's milestones

2004 - 2009

The Fund is created

Cogeco Program Development Fund (CPDF) is announced and Letters Patent issued.
The first of five annual $1M contributions are made to an endowment – a public benefit as per CRTC 90-744.

The first 10 projects receive development loans

The Fund receives its first 15 applicants and distributes development loans to 10 projects.

Endowment capital reaches $5M

The Fund's first sponsorships

The Genie Awards, Prix Gémeaux, Banff Festival receive sponsorship support for the first time.

The Fund reaches certification

The CPDF is certified by the CRTC as a Canadian Independent Production Fund (CIPF).

The Fund turns 10

As the Fund celebrates its 10th anniversary, 130 funding applications are received. The CPDF's investment in the industry reaches $7.3M.

Murdoch Mysteries

The Fund supports the movie-of-the-week Murdoch Mysteries, as it begins a long and successful franchise.

Growing with the times

The Fund launches several new development programs for different platforms such as webseries and digital content. 

La Galère

The French-language cult series La Galère débuts as $2.75M is invested in 14 drama series and movies-of-the-week.

20th anniversary & Orphan Black

20th anniversary of the CPDF – a total of $33M has been invested in the development and production of 700 programs and key industry events.
The first season of Orphan Black is funded by the CPDF.


More success for CPDF-funded programs: 19-2 is a hit in both French and English, and Murdoch Mysteries reaches 100 episodes.

25 years of the CPDF

In the 25 years since its creation, the CPDF has invested $55M in 1000 projects; nearly $6M or 12% of investments and loans have been recouped.

A new Cogeco Fund

CPDF transfers its Production Program for drama series and mini-series to the Independent Production Fund. A new Cogeco Fund is established to support industry marketing and promotion events.