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At Cogeco, we invest in the communities in which we serve, and we are delighted to share with you - right here - the ideas, the needs and the organizations we support.

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$13 million

in donations and sponsorships

Supporting 700

 organizations in Canada
and the United States

100 hours

of airtime offered across

the Cogeco Media network
of radio stations


community television stations in Québec and Ontario

Our latest community initiatives

At Cogeco, making our communities thrive is close to our heart. We are committed to operating as a responsible corporate citizen, not only by providing high-quality services, but also by supporting local initiatives that depend on outside support to thrive.

Centrexpo Cogeco_Johanne Hinse_Martin Dupont_SDED_2021-02-10.jpg

Cogeco Connexion and the Société de développement économique de Drummondville continue their collaboration with the Centrexpo Cogeco

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Centrexpo Cogeco_Johanne Hinse_Martin Dupont_SDED_2021-02-10.jpg

“One of the values ​​that is particularly close to our hearts at Cogeco is to actively contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of our regions. The Centrexpo Cogeco, it is one of our most important contributions in Quebec.” - Johanne Hinse, Vice President Programming & Community Relations, Cogeco Connexion

February 2021



100 black men of Americe (1).png

Celebrating Black History Month

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100 black men of Americe (1).png

Atlantic Broadband celebrates the accomplishments of African-American people as part of its Voices for Understanding PSA campaign, which highlights the work of community leaders and non-profits that promote unity and understanding around issues of peace, justice, and equality. 100 Black Men of America, Inc. is one of these organizations.

February 2021

Patins Alma.png

Brand new skates for underprivileged children in Alma

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Patins Alma.png

Cogeco and NousTV Alma donated 13 pairs of skates to Parenfant, to equip less fortunate families and allow them to enjoy this winter sport for free. The idea surfaced when the City of Alma announced the development of a huge new ice rink.

January 2021

YMCA_EN (1).jpg

YMCA Peace Medals

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YMCA_EN (1).jpg

What a touching recognition for our company to be named one of the six 2020 Laureates of YMCA Peace Medals of YMCA du Québec, which honour citizens and businesses who contribute to building more united and harmonious communities. More specifically, Cogeco was awarded the Laureate Corporate Initiative for Peace, through the project "Operation Welcome Home", created in partnership with Centraide du Grand Montréal, with the goal of contributing to the successful integration of Syrian refugees in their host country.

November 2020

Our funding areas

Every year, Cogeco supports people and events, as a partner to the communities it serves. A committed business with roots in many local communities, Cogeco seeks to support events, activities and organizations that are dedicated to the sustainable wellbeing of their communities.

Culture Fund

Embrace Art!

Our Culture Fund fosters creativity within our communities, while promoting culture, music and the arts.

Education & Entrepreneurship Fund

Inspire Success!

Our Education & Entrepreneurship Fund helps bring dreams to life within our communities by furthering education and supporting entrepreneurship.

Health & Well-Being

Pursue Vitality!

Our Health and Well-Being Fund supports the physical and mental health of the people in our communities as well as their well-being.

Environment Fund

Act Sustainability!

Our Environment Fund sustains communities' ongoing efforts focused on having positive effects on the environment and helping realize a sustainable future.

Connectivity Fund

Lead Connection!

Our Connectivity Fund contributes to improving connectivity and digital inclusion.

Diversity & Inclusion Fund

Promote Equality!

Our Diversity and Inclusion Fund aims to promote social inclusion and diversity in our communities as well as foster inclusive growth.


To learn more about how we invest in communities, including yours, or to submit a request for funding.

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